CoronaOpportunity Fund

We are ALL in these Together.

Rallying companies, celebrities and investors to help Governments annihilate Covid-19.

CoronaOpportunity Fund is a global initiative of the Bervann Foundation aiming to help local and foreign governments annihilate the covid-19 pandemic.

The Fund operates in 3 phases:


Phase I

Providing Critical Medical and Personal Protective Equipment to Frontline Health workers in Hospitals and Care centers; Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Young Adults in Shared Living Situations; Providing Personal Protective Equipment to Elderly in Senior Living Facilities.

Phase II

Providing Resources and Funding to Small Businesses affected by Covid-19, with priority to businesses forced to lay off a large number of employees or companies servicing a large segment of the population but forced to shutdown operations due to lack of funds.

Phase III

Providing Capital and Strategic support to Pharmaceutical companies and Establishing a Covid-19 infrastructure to prevent future pandemics.

The current updates in the United States are alarming:

Epicenter cities are nearing max capacity in coveralls, scrubs, disinfection wipes and liquids, hand sanitizers, hospital beds, head covers, caps, gloves, goggles, gowns, air purifying respirators and ventilators.

The situation in Europe is as frightening:

As the numbers of deaths rise in Italy and West Europe struggles at its half-peak;

Overall Third world countries do not have the required infrastructure or financial capacity to contain a wide spread of Covid-19:

If such challenges are encountered in tiers 1 economies, we anticipate more chaotic scenarios in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Governments of the world are doing their best to tackle this pandemic, but they CANNOT defeat it on their own:

Private sectors and citizens NEED to step in and Lend a Hand to ensure we ANNIHILATE this evil threat. We ALL have to come together and contribute in different ways for this to END so we can ALL go back to work, to school, to travel and enjoy the company of one another.

Stay Home and Get Involved - How can you Help:

  • Make a Donation;
  • Encourage your company or Organization to make a Donation;
  • Sign up as Volunteer and we will suggest ways to assist you;
  • Share this info and Spread the word across your contacts;
  • Contact us if you are or have access to a reliable medical equipment supplier or manufacturer;
  • Share this information with your government.


At Bervann Foundation, we cherish the Opportunity to Serve and Invite you to join us by Contributing in any way you can as NO action is too little.

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